Southern Straw Company

Highest Quality

Quality is one of our highest priorities. We manage every tract of land as if it were our own. You will be glad you chose us to manage your land.

Longleaf Pines

Your Longleaf Pine trees are known to provide superior wood, but they also provide the most preferred pine straw in the landscaping industry.

Earn Money

Your trees are already planted, why not make money while they grow. With a pine straw lease you not only make money when you sell your timber, you literally make money while you sleep.

Do you have land in Longleaf Pine Trees? Contact us today to start making money in your sleep!

All About Pine Straw

Pine straw has been used for ground cover mulching in the South for over twenty years. It is appropriate for any size project whether business or residential. There are numerous benefits that make it superior to other mulches such as bark, leaves, and grass clippings. Below are just a few quick facts that make pine straw an ideal mulch for promoting the growth of healthy plants all year round.