Wholesale Pine Straw

Our clean, quality pine straw is harvested in South Georgia from land we own, manage and lease from timber owners. Each bale is hand raked, hand baled and hand tied to ensure that only clean bright straw becomes Landscape Unlimited pine straw. We offer square bales of slash and long leaf pine straw. Our bales are roughly 28”x14”x14” and covers about 50 feet depending on thickness.

Why pine straw?

  • Stays in place and not easily washed away
  • Will adhere to steep slopes and prevent erosion
  • Great deterrent against weeds
  • Insect and rodent free
  • Easy to install and old straw does not need to be removed
  • Has even coloring and is attractive 
  • Helps the soil maintain warmth during the winter


Needles are about 6” to 8” long

Long Leaf

Needles are about 10” to 14” long

Long Leaf contains more resin. This means the straw will break down more slowly, lasting longer and keeping its color longer.