Wholesale Pine Straw

By the truck load, our clean, hand raked, hand baled,and hand tied premium straw is ideal for your landscaping needs. We ensure that only clean bright straw becomes Landscape Unlimited pine straw. We offer quality square bales of slash and long leaf pine straw. Our wholesale pine straw bales are roughly 28”x14”x14” and covers about 50 feet depending on thickness. More...

Wholesale Wheat Straw

We offer 32"x18"x14" square bales of wheat straw and 4'x6' round bales of wheat straw. We can also convert round bales of wheat or hay to square bales. Our premium wheat straw is great for mulching any kind of plant, bedding for all animals and growing edible mushrooms. More...

Timber Leasing

Our Timber Management services are top notch. We offer multiple pine straw leasing options that can provide timberland owners with income while timber matures. We pay premium prices by the acre or by the bale. More...

Delivery Services

At Landscape Unlimited, we offer convenient delivery of our high quality wholesale pine straw for our customers all over the United States. More...

Installation Services

Need help with Installation? Our Installation Division can handle it. Call Us Today!

Quality Pine Straw

We partner with local landowners to harvest top grade straw, nothing less is acceptable.

Perfectly Prepared

We hand rake, hand bale, and only use the brightest and cleanest straw available. 

By Professionals

For over 20 years we have stood by our products caring for them from the harvesting all the way to the delivery.